(2017-01-18) January 2017 Bulletin - Bullett Goes To Baja, Montevideo Rock Art, Winter Baja Fishing Report, Calafia, Deeper South In Baja

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Happy New Year and welcome to the January edition of the Baja Bound Bulletin! This month Greg Niemann tells the Baja racing history of Steve McQueen; David Kier visits the Montevideo rock art site; Tom Gatch provides the winter Baja fishing report; Martina shares the history of Calafia and Misty finds some down south cooking in southern Baja. Wherever you go south of the border, remember to visit BajaBound.com for the easiest way to get Mexican auto insurance!

Bullitt Goes To Baja "Bullitt" Goes To Baja
By Greg Niemann
The Baja 1000, the “Grandaddy of Off-road Races,” will celebrate its 50th anniversary in November 2017. Through the years...Read more
Montevideo Rock Art Montevideo Rock Art
By David Kier
On the side of a rocky cliff, up a dead-end valley, in a forest of boojum trees, one may find a connection to the ancient past of Baja. Some have reported...Read more
Winter Baja Fishing Report Winter Baja Fishing Report
By Tom Gatch
Our post El Niño warmth in 2017 has been predicted to carry over for several months here in the southwest. However, the New Year was still...Read more
Calafia - A Historic Landmark Calafia - A Historic Landmark
By Martina
Brilliant white sunlight, like a shimmering halo, moves across the surface of the Pacific to the horizon. It is nearly impossible to look... Read more
Deeper South In Baja Deeper South In Baja
By Misty Tosh
There’s an old saying where I come from: You can take the girl out of the south but you can never take the south out of the girl. That is a statement... Read more

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