(2022-05-28) May 2022 Bulletin - Returning to Mission Santa Maria, The Last Outpost, La Cava de Marcelo

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Baja Bound Bulletin

Baja Bound Mexican Insurance

Welcome to the May 2022 edition of the Baja Bound Bulletin! In this edition, David Kier returns to Mision Santa Maria; Greg Niemann shares the history of El Rosario and Martina visits La Cava de Marcelo. We still have discounted copies of the amazing Baja Atlas available as well. ¡Viva Baja!

Baja's First Settlement Returning to Mission Santa Maria
By David Kier
Santa María de los Angeles was the last mission established by the Jesuits, located in a desert-oasis canyon, midway between San Luis...Read more
The Last Outpost The Last Outpost
By Greg Niemann
The modest village of El Rosario, some 220 miles south of the U.S. border, could be considered as the birthplace of the northern Mexican state...Read more
La Cava de Marcelo La Cava de Marcelo
By Martina
Are you hankering for a new Baja adventure less traveled and close to home? If you love natural and aged cheeses, paired with a fine...Read more

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