Baja Nature Diaries
By Jay Gittens


Some five million years ago, the Baja California peninsula was separated from mainland Mexico by tectonic forces of an unimaginable scale forming unique lands and aquatic ecosystems that harbor an exclusive assemblage of plants and animals. Through the eyes of a marine biologist, Jay shares his experiences of the nature of Baja, often emphasizing the great work being done to protect it.

The Gray Whales of Baja
Laguna La Poza: A Coastal Oasis
Small exotic birds in their tens of dozens flutter around like insects, partially filling in the sky directly over the lagoon. Succeeding the heavier ... Read more
The Gray Whales of Baja
The Gray Whales of Baja
The record for the longest known mammalian migration is held by none other than the gray whale (Eschrichtius robustus). The eastern North Pacific population, also... Read more
Garden of Eden
Garden of Eden
The sunlight partially penetrates into the opulent forest of mesquite trees and cacti, piercing down through the thick canopy like great daggers of light. The resulting... Read more
Rancho Ecológico Sol de Mayo Baja Sur
The Living Desert
As a kid growing up in London, the word ‘desert’ painted pictures in my mind of a barren, inhospitable and sun-scorched landscape that supported very little life. It was a... Read more
Baja Sur Hiking
Take a Hike - Local Hiking of La Paz
La Paz is becoming increasingly popular, attracting more visitors to its low-key alternative style of tourism. This delectable land where the mountain-backed desert and sea coalesce... Read more
Baja Beaches
Life's a Beach - La Paz Beaches
Visitors to La Paz, Mexico will often ask me what there is to do in and around the city. “We have a beautiful cathedral, a five kilometer-long (and growing) malecon... Read more
Baja Sea Lions
Saving the Sea Lions of La Paz
The California sea lion (Zalophus californianus) is one of six species of sea lion from the family Otariidae (eared seals)... Read more
Baja Heart
Wildlife Experiences for Underprivleged Kids
The Gulf of California / Sea of Cortez attracts visitors from across the globe that come to experience the uniqueness of this bountiful sea... Read more
Baja Sur Worlds Aquarium
Discovering "The World's Aquarium"
Once dubbed “The World’s Aquarium” by none other than marine explorer and conservationist, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the Gulf of California... Read more
Baja Manta Rays
Manta Mania - The Return of the Giants
I remember the excitement of the moment very well. Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I stumble across the post of an acquaintance... Read more
Baja Isla Espiritu Santos
A Hope Spot of Marine Conservation
My friend and I pack the car, excited by the reports of clear blue waters down at Cabo Pulmo. The naturally occurring green waters... Read more
Baja Isla Espiritu Santos
Kayaking Isla San Jose
As we set off by road from the center of La Paz, my buddy James and I share in the excitement of our forthcoming adventure... Read more
Baja Isla Espiritu Santos
A Visit to Isla Espíritu Santo
Our vessel sets off out of Marina de La Paz in the city centre. The Espíritu Santo Archipelago soon appears as a single mass set on the horizon... Read more
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