The Baja Storyteller
By Martina


Storytelling is an ancient oral tradition among many of the world’s early inhabitants. Martina, author, freelance writer and journalist, presents her version of how storytelling can vividly portray travel in Baja. Her stories are visual, vibrant and authentic with intriguing hints of Baja magic filtering through her words. She has traveled and lived in both states of Baja California since 1993. Martina offers the reader a truly heartfelt journey. Enjoy!

Paragliding Women Take to the Air
Paragliding Women Take to the Air
Leaving the beautiful Bajamar community I was stopped at the front gate. A woman carrying a huge backpack on her slender shoulders was waiting for a ride... Read more
Shrimping on the Gulf of California
Shrimping on the Gulf of California
In 1994 my sister, Alisabeth and I had traveled to Mulegé in my 1973 Super Bug. We stood on the shore watching as the sunlight danced... Read more
Walk Through the Mysterious Jardín de Mistela
Walk Through the Mysterious Jardín de Mistela
The first people who lived on the Baja peninsula saw plants as sacred. The Kumiai of the north knew the plants nourished and healed them.... Read more
The Magic of Dmytri’s La Fonda and Spacifico Spa
The Magic of Dmytri’s La Fonda and Spacifico Spa
Just picture yourself sitting on the patio of one of the last icons on Baja’s northern coast. The sun is setting... Read more
A Hundred Years of Soul Surfing
A Hundred Years of Soul Surfing
The thick fog is pulling back from the shoreline and it looks like a great, white mountain sitting on top of the sparkling blue Pacific.... Read more
Baja Horse Riding
Take a Ride with a La Misión Cowgirl
There are many hidden stories about how we have been bitten by the Baja bug and suddenly our lives are completely different... Read more
Sand art Baja California
The Sand Man Mystery
The music of a strolling minstrel plays across the sunlit patio of the iconic La Fonda Restaurant. Dmytri’s La Fonda is a favorite tourist destination as well as a go to place for the locals... Read more
Vinos Martlot Baja
Vinos Martlot
If you care about fine gold-medal winning wine and stunning architecture with a view, you will want to put Vinos Martlot at the top of your "go to" list... Read more
Terra Peninsular
A hawk flies from the Earth to the moon! Yes, really! In its ten to fifteen year lifespan the red-tailed hawk will fly 238,855 miles, the distance from... Read more
Whale Magic Tours
Years ago Shari Bondy and I sat on her patio in Bahia Ascunsion overlooking the sparkling Pacific. She was telling me how she had made her way to Baja California Sur... Read more
Graham’s Bear Tribe Adventures
Graham Mackintosh is a gifted storyteller. He has enthralled his readers with the freedom and beauty found in Baja California for nearly four... Read more
Dust In My Sandals
Freelance writer and long-time Baja Bound Bulletin contributor, Martina Dobesh, recently published a collection of her most loved stories... Read more
Graham Mackintosh’s Newest Adventure
It isn’t easy to catch up with Graham Mackintosh unless you’re up to hiking the desert hills of Baja or can paddle... Read more
Al Capone's Castle Hideaway
The sunlight is blazing off the Pacific, seagulls rise up on the wind, swirl and dive along the Baja California... Read more
Cacao: A Ceremony into the Mystery of Chocolate
The room was dark. Dancing candlelight warmed the faces of those sitting in the circle. They have come from both the United... Read more
San Carlos Hot Springs Revisited
San Carlos Hot Springs Revisited
The sun was just coming up when I ventured south to Ensenada. Traffic was heavy even then on the narrow poorly maintained road... Read more
All the Pretty Horses Rescue and Ride Baja
Historic Fox Studio
Drive into history when Hollywood screen stars walked the streets of Rosarito and worked near a thriving fishing village south... Read more
All the Pretty Horses Rescue and Ride Baja
All the Pretty Horses Rescue and Ride
Journey back into time. Take a rough dirt road into the hills of Baja California in search of a unique expression of the... Read more
Graham Mackintosh Baja
Into a Desert Place
John Steinbeck wrote of Baja California: “If it were lush and rich, one could understand the pull, but it is fierce and hostile and... Read more
Kumiai Baja
Visiting Kumiai Territory
The lonely wail of the coyote breaks the silence of the night. The sacred mountain is bathed in full moon light and dark shadows move around a night fire... Read more
Forest Bathing Baja
Forest Bathing
Baja California foothills are covered in intense green carpet after frequent rains and a wild profusion of yellow mustard flowers create a lush tapestry... Read more
Fat Cat restaurant Rosarito
Fat Cat!
If delicious, over the top offerings for breakfast and lunch are your thing, then welcome to the foodie paradise called Fat Cat... Read more
Baja Horseback Retreat
A Baja Retreat on Horseback
The human heart carries a secret desire to go back in time. A time when there was open country, a connection with nature and a simplicity... Read more
La Mision Baja
Destination La Misión
10,000 years ago, the first people walked along this coastal area, now known as Baja California. Before it was named La Misión, the Kumiai Indians... Read more
Marty Harriman Baja Horses
The Horse Whisperer of La Misión
Warm winds blow through the palms carrying the scent of horse and fragrant hay. A truck is piled high with heavy golden bales... Read more
The Fire Opal of Mexico
The Fire Opal of Mexico
Ensenada is an exciting city that holds the past gently while embracing the 21st century. Sunlight flashes off the bay, sparkling around... Read more
Doña Engracia Tequila
Doña Engracia Tequila
Now this is a fun tour to add to your trip when visiting Ensenada. Doña Engracia is a special place where the lovers of tequila... Read more
Palmar Paradise Baja
Palmar Paradise - Destination Waterpark!
Palmar Paradise is a waterpark Mexican-family style. The first thing you notice when you drive in is there is no one at the front gate... Read more
Borrego Cimarron, The Bighorn Sheep
Borrego Cimarron, The Bighorn Sheep
Deep in the shade of the old-growth live oak trees, where the Kumiai Indians once roamed, is a storyteller in the truest sense of the word... Read more
Baja Turtle Conservation
Baja Turtle Conservation
In Todos Santos the nonprofit organization Tortugueros Las Playitas offers you an “Eco adventure of a lifetime.” Turn a vacation into... Read more
Whale Shark Diaries
Whale Shark Diaries
Your feet are buried deep in the white sand, the warm winter of Baja Sur is a delight. The sparkling turquoise water of the Gulf of California is cool, so a wet suit is needed... Read more
Perched on the edge of the Pacific just south of Rosarito Beach, Splash has become an iconic destination eatery. Heavy surf surges into dark volcanic rock channels and leaps back on itself... Read more
Sanoviv: Holistic Health and Medical Center
Sanoviv: Holistic Health and Medical Center
Picture yourself in a dream. All around you is beauty and a sense of deep peace permeating the dreamscape. Every aspect of your life is being supported: emotional, mental and physical... Read more
La Estancia Restaurant
La Estancia Restaurant
Baja California is all about adventure and its mysteries. Getting off the beaten path is one sure way to discover parts of Baja that offer just that. La Estancia is waiting for you... Read more
Chocolart: The Perfect Pairing
Chocolart: The Perfect Pairing
Mexico has a rich history when it comes to chocolate. The search for it became a recent adventure heading south into Ensenada. Just outside... Read more
Oldest Bar in Baja, Hussong’s
Oldest Bar in Baja, Hussong’s
In 1889, a Pacific Coast Steamship chugged through the blue diamond water, docking in the beautiful harbor of a small Mexican town south of San Diego. With sounds of an air horn blasting... Read more
Calafia, A Historic Landmark
Calafia, A Historic Landmark
Brilliant white sunlight, like a shimmering halo, moves across the surface of the Pacific to the horizon. It is nearly impossible to look directly into its beauty... Read more
A Walk On The Ensenada Malecón
A Walk On The Ensenada Malecón
The expansive Plaza Cívica is sun washed with light bouncing off gigantic golden heads. The locals call this La Plaza de Las Tres Cabezas (Three Heads Plaza) and the sculptures are honoring men... Read more
Walking Avenida Adolfo López Mateos
Walking Avenida Adolfo López Mateos
Here is a great road trip and weekend destination, only an hour and a half from the border to Ensenada. The beautiful bay invites massive cruise ships here for a reason... Read more
A New Look for Don Eddie’s Landing
A New Look for Don Eddie’s Landing
Just a few hours from San Diego you can find the best fishing, long range tuna trips, RV parking and casitas with a restaurant just steps away. The Bay of San Quintin is sparkling... Read more
AlXimia - Elemental Wine
Summer is a luscious time in the Guadalupe Valley, with deep green vines following the contours of the land and tall waving stands of yellow mustard flowers lining the road... Read more
Dining Under Ancient Oaks - Restaurante Quercus
You can't say enough about the new opportunities in the Guadalupe Valley for beautiful places to eat. At this point with the explosions of new wineries pairing wine with gourmet food... Read more
Craft Beer
Exploring Ensenada's Craft Beer Scene
Think Mexico, think beer and the names are easy to recall, Corona, Pacifico, Tecate with a number of darker brews. But Baja California is poised right on the edge of being well known... Read more
Doña Esthela
La Cocina de Doña Esthela: The Tastiest Breakfast in the World
Well, with a recommendation like that how could you not want to travel out into the ranchland of El Porvenir? In 2015 FoodieHub bestowed this grand title on La Cocina de Doña Esthela... Read more
Cava Entre Santos
Cava Entre Santos
Impressive is the first word that comes to mind when entering the Cava Entre Santos wine tasting room in downtown Ensenada. This surprising treat run by the Santo Tomás winery is hidden... Read more
Casa Mediodia
Casa Mediodia - An Off-Grid B&B
Baja California is a dream maker. There are many stories of travelers passing through, then returning and finally staying because something would not let them go... Read more
Hotel Riviera
Inside the Historic Hotel Riviera
Driving by the majestic and historic Hotel Riviera del Pacífico on the way through Ensenada, the traveler might mistake it for a government building with its sweeping lawns and graceful arches... Read more
Mulege Baja
The Art of Pueblo Living
Morning starts slowly and so quietly in Mulege. The first sign of the new day is sunlight splashing patterns on old adobe walls creating deep shadows on weathered doors not yet open... Read more
Fausto Polanco
Fausto Polanco Furniture
The breeze blows through the massive open doors to the showroom and gallery of Fausto Polanco Furniture in Rosarito Beach. Your first sight is an explosion of turquoise pottery... Read more
Cava de Marcelo
La Cava de Marcelo: Happy Cows Make Great Cheese
Are you hankering for a new Baja adventure less traveled and close to home? If you love natural and aged cheeses, paired with a fine wine in a beautiful setting... Read more
she walked here
She Walked Here Over 800 Years Ago
She lived on the coast of Baja California when the land was free of boundaries and borders, when nothing was named as we know it today. It was one vast untouched land... Read more
Rancho El Tule
Rancho El Tule
Outside the bustling Guadalupe Valley wine country with sprawling vineyards and gourmet dining is the hidden Rancho El Tule. Just getting there is an adventure and the dirt road entrance... Read more
Old Mill
Destination: The Old Mill
The first time traveler is going to be in for a nice surprise, if they are willing to tackle the four miles of graded dirt and rock road off Highway 1 south of San Quintin... Read more
Bahía de Los Angeles
Hidden Gems of Bahía de Los Ángeles
Almost like a moonscape the road into Bahía de Los Ángeles takes you through arroyos once wild with flood waters, but now deep dry canyons. The force of nature has been captured... Read more
Hidden Treasure
The Call of Hidden Treasure
Rumor had it that there was a treasure chest full of old coins in a small museum hidden in the hills just north of Mulege, Baja Sur. Suddenly, I was in search of a story fueled by childhood thoughts... Read more
Cabo Claudio
Harley Hogs and Mayan Secrets
Do you want to know a secret? Traveling in Baja California has many hidden secrets and they are often found in the most unlikely places. As it happened one day... Read more
Don Johnson Hotel Serenidad
The Heydays of Hollywood Baja Style
Light splashes everywhere, the palm fronds, the surface of the swimming pool, the drops of water falling in the fountain. At night the dark heavens are radiant with stars... Read more
Historian of San Ignacio
Historian of San Ignacio
Near the picturesque central plaza of San Ignacio is found a hidden resource and guide for the town and Baja California. Casa Lereé is a lovely blue colonial-style... Read more
Land's End
A Guide To Land's End
Pull out that map! One thousand miles of open road belongs to you. Taking time to explore the unexplored riches of Baja California is a life changing experience... Read more
Earthship Rosarito
Earthship Lands in Rosarito Beach
The Earthship appears to be emerging out of the rocky hillside. Its structure is carved deeply into the earth with expansive windows that gaze out onto the vast Pacific... Read more
Day of the Dead in Mulege
A gentle breeze blows through the cemetery stirring the silken flowers adorning the grave sites of loved ones. Bright sunshine flashes off the white tombs... Read more
Dr Seuss of Baja
Boojum! Elephants! Cardón! Oh My! - The Dr. Seuss Characters Of Baja
"You are not going to believe this!" my sister hollered over the roar of the VW engine. "You're going to see something that you have never seen, no one has seen these creatures..." Read more
San Ignacio: An Oasis
San Ignacio: An Oasis With A Huge Heart
The heart beat of San Ignacio is found in the central plaza. The magnificent Indian Laurel trees provide thick shade from the summer sun. The historic town began at the steps of Misión San Ignacio... Read more
Rancho San Gregorio Leather
Leather Work of Rancho San Gregorio
The blazing sun of southern Baja California fills every crevice, there is no shade. The road is carved out from the dirt and dry rock. I am not prepared for what is about to occur... Read more
SCampo Rene Baja
Campo Rene - Estero el Coyote
Campo Rene is a great destination south of Guerrero Negro on the Pacific Ocean. Traveling into Baja Sur and through the Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve, you spot the turn off for Abreojos... Read more
San Bruno Baja
San Bruno – In Search of a Story
The seagull walked along the low stone wall of the San Bruno marina. Its laugh sounded almost human, though a bit demented. The gulf waters were shimmering with morning light... Read more
Walking the Baja
San José de Magdalena
There is always a bit of excited anticipation when I take a side road into a Baja place that I never been before. South of Santa Rosalia, BCS and east into the mountains... Read more
Loreto Baja Sur
Loreto, City of Magic
Whatever you do, don't drive past Loreto! You will want to plan at least a few days in this magic town designated by Mexico’s Secretariat of Tourism as a Pueblo Mágico... Read more
Walking the Baja
Walking the Baja
Mike Younghusband walks his talk. He has walked the length of the Baja California peninsula with a burro named Don-Kay and a rescue dog named Sola-Vino... Read more
San Javier Baja
On the Royal Road to Misión San Francisco Javier
Early morning sunlight bounced off the Gulf of California, the water so blue you could lose yourself in it. The day was bright with a cloudless sky as I took the turn west into... Read more
Santa Rosalia
Discovering Santa Rosalia
Heading to Santa Rosalia from San Ignacio, there is nothing like the long drive across the Vizcaíno Biosphere Reserve. Passing by the volcanic range of Tres Virgenes... Read more
The Sounds and Colors of Baja California
After all these years of living on the peninsula, I've never found an end to the amazing colors and sounds that Baja has to offer. From Tijuana's new image of fine art, music and sidewalk bistros... Read more
The Last Outpost - Rancho Meling
As if someone cut the clouds with a knife, I broke free of the clinging fog of June’s coastal climate to find the sun blazing and already hot at 9 am. In search of the sun... Read more
Checkpoint! Stopped by the Mexican Military
The desert stretches out in all directions. It is desolate except for the military check point just ahead. A comical scarecrow soldier with rifle holds a place a few yards before the official stop... Read more
Ancient Winds of Cataviña
Baja Sur is a land of harsh reality and stunning beauty. It requires something more from the traveler who ventures beyond the cities of Baja Norte. It asks that you participate more fully... Read more
The Light of Asuncion
The first thing that artists and photographers will notice as they drive into the fishing village of Asuncion is the quality of light. Their art is a perfect media for capturing the experience... Read more
San Pedro Mártir Where the Condor Soars
Making a trip into the high country of Baja California is just that and more. It rewards the traveler with breathtaking views of the folding foothills all the way out to the Pacific Ocean... Read more
TJ to Mulegé: A Cycling Challenge
Talk about traveling into Baja California. Some of the hardiest souls actually take on the challenge by heading out on foot. Names like Graham Mackintosh and Michael Younghusband... Read more
Shimul: On the Outskirts
Searching for new wine varietals is almost like a treasure hunt for devoted wine drinkers. Since early 2000 there has been a virtual explosion of new wineries in the Guadalupe Valley... Read more
Kumiai Celebration
Grandmother Oak spreads her massive branches as a canopy of shade for the gathering Kumiai. Her children have been gathering for 2000 years in this valley... Read more
Festival del Caballo
It was a rich experience for the senses filled with pungent barn smells, shrill stallion calls, combined with the beauty of Adobe Guadalupe Winery hosting the June Festival del Caballo... Read more
San Ignacio Springs Bed & Breakfast: A Desert Paradise
In the heart of the Viscaino Biosphere Reserve is the quiet pueblo of San Ignacio in Baja Sur. Even deeper into the interior is a true destination, if the traveler chooses to stay a few days... Read more
Francisco Zarco: Off the Main Road
There is always a surprise waiting if I get off the main road. Robert Frost wrote "I took the road less traveled and that has made all the difference." Which was surely the case this day... Read more
The Beaches of Bahía Concepción
The beauty of the beaches of Baja Sur creates such intense inspiration that capturing the images in words becomes a true challenge. We know we might come close... Read more
The Gray Whales of San Ignacio
Chilly darkness and chips of stars greeted me as I opened the door onto the predawn sky. This day was to be my first encounter with Baja California’s gray whale... Read more
Travels with Graham Mackintosh
"Baja is stunningly beautiful, challenging and never dull. It has opened my eyes to so much," said author Graham Mackintosh as he pondered the spiritual nature of his... Read more
Sailing with Einstein
With a firm hand the young pangero twists open the throttle, the outboard springs to life with a growl. The panga slices through the satin surface on Conception Bay headed for Isla El Coyote... Read more
Mulegé Magic
Historic Mulegé is a gem at the gleaming confluence of the Mulegé River and the Gulf of California. Many a person has reported that a stay here has changed his or her life forever... Read more
Vindicating Vulture: A Storyteller's Plea
I was captivated years ago by the grace of the vulture in flight. To me it was a sky meditation. Vulture is the perfect soaring machine. There is no denying it is a little on the homely side... Read more
La Casa Vieja
Organic Wine from La Casa Vieja
Soft guitar music floats through the olive trees. Sun splashes in patches of light and shadow as I walk up the dusty road to investigate where the music is coming from... Read more
The Tibetan White Tara of Ensenada
The dirt trail carved into the hillside was a challenge to negotiate, one slip I'd be a ball rolling down the hill. My destination was where volunteers scurried like ants around the base of a statue... Read more
Glamping Baja
Glamping: Tranquility Pairs with Extreme Sports
With a flash of red tail feathers a hawk lifts off its perch startled by the growling engine of our Polaris Ranger. The Red-tailed hawk is airborne above us, just as I am feeling in this moment... Read more
Saldamando Baja
Saldamando Day Trippin'
Being single in Baja is effortless, if you bring what you need with you, the whole panorama of the beauty of this peninsula spreads out as your backdrop... Read more
Ensenada Hot Springs Baja
Rancho San Carlos Hot Springs
Everyday can be an adventure in Baja, even after living here over a decade. Destination hot springs is for the adventurous, willing to take a few dirt roads into paradise... Read more
Great White of Baja
The Great White Shark of Baja
It glides through the underwater world, a powerful and silent predator, one of the greats of the sea. Its indomitable force fascinates us and at the same time horrifies as its very presence... Read more
Native Kumiai Finding a New Way
Getting to the Kumiai village of San Antonio Necua is half the adventure. It is off the beaten path, and well worth the day trip to see into the early history of Baja... Read more
Baja Agave Baja
Miracle of the Mescal
Just now the coastal agave is blooming. It is easily seen from the roadways, but you cannot fully appreciate it until you stop the car and walk up to it. It is a powerful beauty that amazes the senses... Read more
Vine & Wine Museum
Vine & Wine Museum: An Adventure into History
A gleaming state of the art structure in the heart of the sun-drenched Guadalupe Valley is a traveler's dream destination. The beauty of the architecture stands out... Read more
Baja Bee Man
The Bee Rescuer of Ensenada
The survival of mankind depends on the honeybee. Little regard is given to it, as a species, but if you ever hear that the bee has become an endangered species, you can be certain... Read more
Baja Travel for Women
Single Women Traveling in Baja
There is always a rush of anticipation whenever I unfold my map of Baja California. It is an instant promise of adventure waiting to be experienced. Sometimes I smooth out the folds... Read more
Cruz Roja Baja Medical
Quality Medical Care in Baja California
The wail of the siren filled the cabin of the ambulance. I was strapped down, and could not see the beautiful stretch of road clinging to the side of the hills above the Pacific... Read more
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