(2024-01-11) January 2024 Bulletin - The Helping Hands of Baja, The Magic of Dmytri's La Fonda, Rancho El Topo, The Eastside Epic, Choral Pepper

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Baja Bound Bulletin

Baja Bound Mexican Insurance

Happy New Year and welcome to the January 2024 edition of the Baja Bound Bulletin! In this edition, Greg Niemann recounts a memorable solo trip to Baja; Martina shares the magic of Dimytri's La Fonda; Erin Dunigan visits Rancho El Topo; Mike Stone gears up for the Eastside Epic charity bike ride and David Kier explores the legacy of Choral Pepper. In border news, we are happy to share that several border crossings resumed normal operations as of last week. We still have copies of the amazing Baja Atlas available at a discounted price to get you ready for your next road trip south of the border! ¡Viva Baja!


The Helping Hands of Baja The Helping Hands of Baja
By Greg Niemann
Back in 1986 I set out alone from Cantamar with my Baja-based CJ-5 Jeep loaded with toys (fishing rods and spears, boogie board, inflatable boat...Read more
The Magic of Dmytri's La Fonda The Magic of Dmytri's La Fonda
By Martina
Just picture yourself sitting on the patio of one of the last icons on Baja’s northern coast. The sun is setting and you are joined by someone you... Read more
Rancho El Topo Rancho El Topo
By Erin Dunigan
Have you ever felt the tug of a forgotten dream, an ember smoldering beneath the ashes of the day-to-day practicality of the routine of...Read more
The Eastside Epic The Eastside Epic
By Mike Stone
With expansive vistas of the majestic Sea of Cortez paired with the challenging variety of desert track, there seem to be endless opportunity...Read more
Fall Fishing Report Choral Pepper
By David Kier
One of Baja California’s biggest promoters from the 1960s until her passing in 2002 was author Choral Pepper. Choral Pepper’s books and magazines... Read more

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