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Directions to the San Ysidro Border - Calle Segunda

Calle Segunda (aka Benito Juárez) is a great alternate route to know about in case the border line is very long during certain times of the year (or if Vía Internacional is closed). If the border line is short, this may not be the fastest route to the border, however, since the Tijuana/San Ysidro border line extends onto Calle Segunda, it is an easy and direct route to the border line or to find the Fast Pass Lane or SENTRI.

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Photo Directions
Calle Segunda
1. After passing through the Playas de Tijuana toll booth (last northbound
booth on the scenic toll road) continue, following the signs to the border/San Diego.
Calle Segunda
2. The road will pass through a valley after going under the foot bridge.
Calle Segunda
3. Next you will pass through another larger valley.
Calle Segunda
4. If you are familiar with the Vía Internacional route to get to the border,
this is where you would have exited right. Instead, continue straight.
Calle Segunda
5. A Pemex will be on the right. Take notice of the CENTRO/CALLE SEGUNDA sign.
Calle Segunda
6. Curve to the right and you will approach a stop light.
Calle Segunda
7. After proceeding through the light, the road will curve left down the
hill past a cemetery (on the right).
Calle Segunda
8. Continue straight on Calle Segunda (aka Benito Juárez) until you cross
Revolución and then you may recognize you are approaching the border.
Calle Segunda
9. Begin watching for signs since the border line is approaching. If you use
the regular border line, follow the SAN DIEGO/INTERSTATE 5 sign. If you
have a Fast Pass, follow the COL. FEDERAL sign.
Calle Segunda
10. There is a Smart & Final on the left as you approach the border. The
gray SUV above is approaching the regular border line/VIA RAPIDA exit
(the two left lanes). The red car is approaching the COL. FEDERAL exit
(to the right of the concrete dividers which is the lane that is third from
the left.) The COL. FEDERAL exit takes you to the Fast Pass Lane.
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