Border Driving Directions

Avenida Revolución Exit

This is an alternate exit to take off of Avenida Internacional if the border line is long and the exit near the Smart & Final (Av. Melchor Ocampo) is closed. Or if Avenida Internacional is backed up, this is a quicker way to get to Calle Segunda/the border line. (However this exit is before the exit near the Smart & Final, therefore you would have to make a decision to take it possibly without knowing if that exit is closed.)

If the border line is really long, this way is sometimes blocked off by authorities as well. (See note at bottom of the page). Although this is the exit for Avenida Revolución, this route does not actually take Avenida Revolución, but will cross it.

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Photo Directions
Via Internacional
1. Take the AV. REVOLUCION exit from Avenida Internacional. This road
is Alberto ALDRETE. At the ALTO sign (the intersection with Avenida Revolución)
continue STRAIGHT.
Via Internacional
2. On the left will be the Fire Department. Curve around to the RIGHT.
Following the INTERSTATE 5/SAN DIEGO signs.
Via Internacional
3. Continue STRAIGHT - there will be another ALTO (at COAHUILA) and a light.*
At the second light, take a LEFT, this is CALLE SEGUNDA/BENITO JUAREZ.
There are also INTERSTATE 5/SAN DIEGO signs.
Via Internacional
4. Continue STRAIGHT to find the border lines. Keep left to get into the
regular border lines and just to the right of the concrete divider to
follow the COL. FEDERAL signs to the Fast Pass Lane or SENTRI lines.

*If before getting to Calle Segunda this way is blocked off by authorities, they usually direct
traffic to take a right at the second Alto. This means the traffic will flow parallel to
Calle Segunda/the border line. At the first opportunity, take a left heading towards Calle
Segunda, then a left onto Calle Segunda.