Baja Adventures

Baja Adventures - Pack Your Bags!

Baja Travel Adventures by David Kier
Camping and four wheeling Baja California has been a passion of David Kier, starting as a child in the family Jeep. At 15, David published his first Baja guidebook... Read more
Baja Storyteller
The Baja Storyteller by Martina
Storytelling is an ancient oral tradition among many of the world’s early inhabitants. Here in Baja, the Kumiai people represent how this tradition was carried by the old ones’ stories... Read more
Baja Fever
Baja Fever by Greg Niemann
Greg Niemann has had Baja Fever all his life; some of his favorite childhood memories go back to romping around Ensenada beaches during the early 1940s... Read more
In the Belly of Baja
In the Belly of Baja by Misty Tosh
About the author: When she's not sailing her pirate style sailboat around the Sea of Cortez, New Mexico based TV producer Misty Tosh spends all her free time traipsing the backroads of Mexico... Read more
Baja Nature Diaries
Baja Nature Diaries by Jay Gittens
Some five million years ago, the Baja California peninsula was separated from mainland Mexico by tectonic forces of an unimaginable scale forming unique lands and aquatic ecosystems... Read more
Baja Fishing Report
Fishing Baja Report by Tom Gatch
Over the past decade, ‘Hooked on Baja’ author, Tom Gatch, has built a solid reputation as one of the foremost writers and columnists focusing on outdoor, travel and culinary topics in Baja... Read more
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Richard Schweiger
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Very professional, very helpful, great policy, I couldn't be happier with Baja Mexican Insurance,...

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Jeff G
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Went down to TJ June 11 2020 No problems going into TJ but the way back was a ordeal 6 hours in...

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Christian Minor
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Team were on point, provided inside information, prices were great and they had my proposal already...