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Hank Morton
Baja Bound Founder John (Hank) Morton
Hank Morton

Welcome to BajaBound! When we launched this website in 1999, the goal was to bring a technically advanced, affordable way to purchase Mexican insurance online. We were the very first company, in partnership with another agency, to allow customers to purchase, pay for, and print out their policies from the convenience of their own home. Now over 20 years later we continue to strive to be the most convenient, efficient, easiest way to purchase Mexican insurance. Purchasing insurance ahead of time has saved our customers from making an extra stop at the border, and our informative web site has helped both with getting coverage online and answering questions about things like visas, permits, and what to expect and places to go once you get into Mexico.

While we have placed great emphasis on the online experience, we have put an equal or greater emphasis on customer service. I am truly blessed to work with an exceptional staff who are fanatical about helping our clients out when they call, email or IM - we are always available during business hours, and often after hours and on the weekend as well. We also love to meet our customers in person, and invite you to stop by our office in downtown San Diego (we just ask that you call us in advance).

Whether your journey into Mexico is just to the border region, or all the way through the country to Guatemala, we'd love to hear about it. I've personally spent a lot of time traveling in Mexico - from surfing and camping in Baja California, to trips into the culturally rich and beautiful heartland of Mexico - places such as Guanajuato, Puerto Vallarta, Veracruz, Oaxaca, and of course Mexico City. Myself and everybody on my staff has traveled extensively and/or lived in Mexico, and we all share a passion and love for our neighbor south of the border. We love to share our experiences, and hear about all the many and exciting causes, opportunities, and journeys that make you bound for Baja or elsewhere in Mexico.

Regarding insurance I would like to share a few important tips:
  1. If you have a claim, report it in Mexico before you leave! This is the only way the Mexican insurance company knows that your loss occurred in Mexico and not back here in the US. If you don't report the claim before you leave, the insurance company may deny it.
  2. Once the claim process has started please let us know about it as well. While we are not a claims service and do not have authority to settle or pay claims, we do everything we can to help our customers out during this process. We know our insurance policies and our insurance companies very well, and always strive to get the best outcome we can for our customer.
  3. Make sure you provide an accurate value, and information about your vehicle. Our companies use values based on the Kelly Blue Book or Nada Guides. Please don't hesitate to call us if you have something special (like add-ons or conversions) and we can help you get covered.

Thanks for using our service, and viva baja!

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