Mexican Immigration

The Mexican government has recently unveiled an online application to obtain an FMM before crossing into Mexico by land. At this time the online application is in Spanish only (but we have courtesy translations in English below to help you). After filling out the application and making your payment, the FMM form may be printed out from the convenience of your home or office. The printed FMM form will need to be officially stamped by an INM official at the border to be valid.

Click to view the online FMM application

For general information about the FMM "tourist card" visit:
Mexican Tourist Cards/Visas (FMM)

Online FMM Facts:

  • Print out the FMM form in minutes
  • Online fee: $500 pesos - approximately U.S. $24 per person
  • The fee may be paid by Visa or Mastercard only (credit or debit card)
  • Valid when entering these states by land: Baja California (Norte), Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas
  • Requires a valid passport or passport card
  • After printing your FMM form, it must be stamped by INM within 30 days to be valid
  • The FMM is free if your trip is 7 days or less and you are traveling by land
  • May be issued for up to 180 days
  • Take the FMM form to an INM office upon crossing into Mexico for the official stamp

Online FMM directions and translations:

Page 1, First section: Entry Information

Online FMM form

Datos de ingreso [Entry Information]

  1. Vía de internación [Mode of entry]: Select the only option - Terrestre [By land]
  2. Punto de internación [Border crossing]: Select the name of the border where you will cross*
  3. *Tip: If you are crossing from the Interstate 5/805 South at San Ysidro into Tijuana, the border crossing is called El Chaparral
  4. Fecha de llegada a México [Date of entry into Mexico]: Enter date in this format day/month/year
  5. Fecha de salida [Date of exit]: Enter date in this format day/month/year

Second section: Personal Information

Online FMM form

Datos personales [Personal information]

  1. Nombre(s) [First name(s)]
  2. Apellido(s) [Last name(s)]
  3. Sexo [Sex]:Select Hombre [Male] or Mujer [Female]
  4. Fecha de nacimiento [Date of birth]: Enter date in this format day/month/year*
  5. *Tip: For USA, select Estados Unidos de América
  6. Nationalidad (País) [Nationality (country)]: Select country
  7. País de nacimiento [Country of birth]: Select country

Third section: Passport or Passport Card Information

Online FMM form

Documento de identificación [ID (Passport) Type]

  1. Tipo de documento [Type of document]:Select either Pasaporte [Passport] or Tarjeta pasaporte [Passport card]
  2. Número de documento [Document number]:Enter your passport or passport card number
  3. Número de documento (Confirmación) [Confirm document number]:Re-enter your passport or passport card number
  4. País de expedición [Country of issuance]: Select country*
  5. *Tip: For USA, select Estados Unidos de América
  6. Fecha de expedición [Date of issuance]: Enter date in this format day/month/year
  7. Fecha de expedición (Confirmación) [Confirm date of issuance]: Re-enter date in this format day/month/year
  8. Fecha de expiración [Expiration date]: Enter date in this format day/month/year*
  9. *Tip: If you receive an error for this field, be sure to check if your passport's or passport card's expiration date is after the FMM expires.
  10. Fecha de expiración (Confirmación) [Confirm expiration date]: Re-enter date in this format day/month/year

Fourth section: Residence

Online FMM form

Lugar de residencia [Place of residence]

  1. País de residencia [Country of residence]: Select country*
  2. *Tip: For USA, select Estados Unidos de América
  3. Dirección de residencia [Physical address]: Enter physical address

Fifth section: Trip Information

Online FMM form

Información de viaje [Trip information]

  1. Motivo del viaje [Reason for your visit]: Select either Negocios [Business], Otro [Other] or Turismo [Tourism]*
  2. Especifique motivo [Specific reason]: If you selected Turismo for #1 above, next select the only option, Actividades de recreo [Recreation]
  3. Estado [State]: Select the state will be visiting in Mexico
  4. Domicilio en México [Address in Mexico]: Enter the address you will be visiting in Mexico

Sixth section: Email Address

Online FMM form

Correo electrónico [Email]

  1. Correo electrónico [Email]: Enter your email address
  2. Correo electrónico (Confirmación)[Email]: Re-enter your email address


To save your information and move to the next step, click the blue button: Guardar [Save info]. If you prefer to clear your information and start over, click Limpiar [Clear info].

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