Client Spotlight: Josh Kerr

Client Spotlight: Josh Kerr

BB: When was your first trip to Baja and what was your impression?

JK: My first Baja trip was when I was 11. My family took a bus to TJ and I was just amazed at how the change in scenery happens so quickly...instantly you have the Mexico culture vibes! Coming from Australia you really don't get that so it was a eye opener. For surfing my first time down in Baja was when I was 18. I immediately fell in love with the culture and uncrowded waves.

BB: What do you like best about being down in Baja?

JK: I honestly love all of it! From the people to the food, the waves and vibes! More than anything I feel like there is much less to stress about down there!

BB: How would you compare the quality of surf in California/Baja to what you grew up with in Australia?

JK: Very different! The Gold Coast is very tropical with warm water, lots of wind swells and amazing point breaks. In California and Baja you get these really strong ground swells and you can surf everything from 1'-40' waves but it's definitely not tropical here!

BB: Earlier this year you won the Todos Santos big wave contest down in Ensenada. In light of that win, do you intend to get more involved with the Big Wave World Tour in 2016-17 as well as competing full time on the Championship Tour?

JK: Yes I'll be at every event on the Big Wave World Tour that doesn't interfere with my schedule! I am really looking forward to that!

BB: How has professional contest surfing evolved since your early "Airshow" days?

JK: These days, all of the best professional surfers in the world are so well rounded with airs, riding big waves and power surfing.

BB: The movie short Pigeonholed shows you riding an odd assortment of boards down in Baja. Was the intent of that movie to show that there is much more variety to your surfing than aerials and contests?

JK: Yes and it was also just an excuse to spend some time in Baja and play around on some weird equipment.

BB: What is your favorite wave in the world?

JK: For me would have to be Kirra when it's pumping!

BB: Thanks Josh!

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