Driving to Mexico?
Get the facts about Mexican Insurance

Did you know that Mexican authorities do not recognize US insurance?

If you cause an accident in Mexico, authorities will not recognize a US or Canadian insurance policy. Under Mexican law, only insurance from a Mexican provider will cover you if you cause property damage or bodily injury to others while driving in Mexico.

Does a US auto insurance policy cover me in Mexico?

Most US companies do not provide coverage into Mexico. Some will offer a limited coverage for damages or theft of your vehicle. However, US companies cannot ever legally provide liability coverage in Mexico.


Most US insurance agents are not experts in Mexican insurance. You might hear that you are fully covered in Mexico by your US company, but Mexican authorities would disagree. We have been in business for over 25 years and specialize exclusively in Mexican insurance. In order to drive in Mexico legally, everyone requires at least a Mexican liability-only policy issued by a Mexican insurer

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Our full coverage policies include uninsured motorist property damage coverage.

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Medical Payments for Pets

$500 in medical payments for dogs or cats on HDI Premier policies.

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