Tourist Cards (FMM):
El Chaparral Crossing

How to Get a Tourist Card (FMM) at El Chaparral

Updated June 30, 2021

El Chaparral is the southbound border crossing into Tijuana from San Ysidro/San Diego. It's easy to park and get a tourist card in the customs facility. If you got your tourist card online, this is the same office to go to get it officially stamped.

Between San Ysidro (San Diego) and Tijuana. (Replaced Puerto México)
Hours of Operation:
24 hours
Mexican document issued:
FMM (Forma Migratoria Múlitple) for tourists, aka tourist card or tourist "visa"
Documents accepted to get a tourist card:
Passports and passport cards only
Tourist card (FMM) price as of June 2021:
$594.00 pesos - appx U.S. $30; FREE for visits 7 days or less and crossing by land
Bank locations to pay for the FMM:
Right around the corner from the INM office
Bank names:
Banjercito and Bancomer
Bank hours:
24 hours
Where is the immigration office at El Chaparral located?
As you cross the border, the immigration office is in the blue SAT Aduanas building on the right.
Is there parking available?
Yes. Parking is available in two areas. (1) The easiest way - follow the Declaration Lane signs into a parking area. This parking area is closest to Mexican Immigration (INM). AFter visting Immigration, it's easy to leave the parking facility to cross the border. Or (2) after crossing the border, just past the overhang as you leave the facility, there are spaces in the center toward the back. You may have to do a left or right u-turn in order to park. Look for the blue and yellow signs on the chain link fence that read Area de Inspección/Inspection Area. The parking lot is right after the chain link fence. Ask a customs official where you may park if you have any doubts.
Where can I get more details about the tourist card (FMM)?

Read our page about Mexican Tourist Cards (FMM).

Note: This article only describes the small immigration office where Mexican tourist cards are issued. For resident cards and visas, visit the main immigration office.

El Chapparal
El Chapparal
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