San Ysidro SENTRI/Global Entry Driving Directions

Directions to San Ysidro SENTRI/Global Entry

Updated April 10, 2023

Most Reliable Route to the San Ysidro SENTRI/Global Entry Entrance

The following video and map depict a longer way to get to the entrance of the SENTRI lanes. We feel it should be 100% reliable even in times when the border wait is longest such as at the end of a long weekend, or during the busy holiday season.

Shorter Route to the San Ysidro SENTRI/Global Entry Entrance

Here is a shorter route to the San Ysidro SENTRI, that is not shown in the video. Please be advised that if you attempt to take this shorter route when there are longer wait times, you may be redirected by traffic officers to get the back of the line. This can be very confusing for a lot of border crossers, which is why we recommend the longer route above to less-experienced border crossers.

About SENTRI/Global Entry

If you are not yet a member of the SENTRI/Global Entry program, read more. For more information on the different border lane types and what documents are necessary, read more

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