SENTRI Pass News

SENTRI Pass News

Sentri Pass
Posted July 10, 2013 on the GOES website:

"Effective June 27, 2013, CBP will no longer issue windshield decal stickers for vehicles using the SENTRI lanes. If you had a pending application for a replacement decal sticker, your application will be cancelled. If you had an appointment scheduled to receive the decal, your appointment will be cancelled. A refund will be initiated on your behalf for the $25 fee if you submitted your application through GOES. This refund may take up to six months to process."

To view this announcement, please visit the GOES website.

Will a vehicle still need to be registered in the SENTRI program in order to use the SENTRI lanes?

Yes, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Vehicles will still be inspected and registered. The only change is that vehicles new to the program will not be issued a SENTRI decal. If your vehicle is already enrolled with a decal and the windshield needs to be replaced, you will no longer need a replacement decal.

Sentri Saver
Do you have a SENTRISaver policy? This change will affect your policy in case of a claim.

The SENTRISaver policy, issued through HDI Seguros, requires that in case of a claim, the vehicle listed on the policy is registered in the U.S. Customs and Border Protection SENTRI program. Generally in case of a claim, HDI Seguros accepts the decal as proof of the vehicle's registration in the SENTRI program. If your vehicle does not have a decal due to the new CBP procedure and a claim is filed, HDI Seguros will now require a printout from your GOES account showing your vehicle is enrolled in the SENTRI program.

If I have a claim, where do I find my vehicle's information to print out on the GOES website?
  • Visit the GOES website and log in.
  • Click the blue button that says Manage Membership. This will bring up your enrollment information including your vehicle.
  • Click the blue Print button.
  • If you have a claim, submit to HDI Seguros.
What if I do not have a decal and I do not submit my GOES print out?

HDI Seguros will enforce higher deductibles if proof is not submitted. HDI's new guideline is that in case of physical damage, total theft, vandalism or partial theft, they will apply a 50% surcharge on the deductible that applies to your claim. For example, if you have a physical damage deductible of $500 on your policy and cannot submit proof your vehicle is in the SENTRI program, the deductible will be $750.

This new guideline is an addition to current guideline that if the driver of your vehicle is not enrolled in the SENTRI program, there is a 50% surcharge on the physical damage deductible.

If the driver and the vehicle are not enrolled in the SENTRI program, a 50% surcharge on the deductible will apply to physical damage, total theft, vandalism or partial theft claims.